12 March 2009

Still here

First thing's first, support fellow bloggers-in-Mexico by checking out this lovely piece of work (street fashion blog!)...
Valerie es una buena onda y interesante. Este journal dl estilo en Chilangolandia es la leche, guey. And perhaps you will see someone you know...hint hint.

Down to business.
There has been some talk. Yes, some talk about danger. And this country. And doing what I normally do, the issue has been circulating through all the conversations I've been having.

An American ex-patriate: "Well, the key word is the border."
My mexican housemate (from Morelia): "This was always going on, but then the PRI covered it all up. And now we actually can hear about it."
My Mexican friend (from Jalisco): "It is not dangerous for you. It is only dangerous if you are in a drug ring"
These are just some snippets. Perhaps formal interviews are in order?
The main thing is, my belief is that our government is encouraging us to be reactionary---for a variety of reasons. We, as mere citizens under the representative democracy/democratic republic of the USA, will NEVER be privy to the ACTUAL reasons behind ANYTHING. So if you trust the news, then you are deluding yourself. Sorry, but it's true. Even Helen Thomas will tell you that things are watered down or inflated to a startling degree, and that's an opinion you can trust.
If you are dying to know more, ask my Mom and she can certainly send you some of the emails we have traded.

If you want to see new photos, go here!

A word to the wise: when traveling in the city, never ever ever take a bus you are not 100% certain where it goes. or if you do, only do it in the daylight. Next entry will explain why.


  1. you are practically famous!


    what is it? spandex? overalls? a combo?? good to know you are beautiful and stylish as ever!

  2. ok en español lo pondré para que practiques eh! jaja... mil gracias por el link a mi blog!... que bueno que te haya gustado! ..como van las clases??.. espero no te haya pasado nada malo en lo del camión...!!
    tell me if you didnt get something jaja... i have a personal blog its cui-blog.blogspot.com its in spanish but its where i post whats going on with my life jaja
    take care!