21 February 2009

Mexico City...donde yo vivo/Where I live

Esquina (corner) Transmisiones y prol. Canal de Miramontes

Vista de una ventana en mi edificio/view from a window in my building

Otra vista/another view

Mi calle!/ My street

calle a mi escuela/street to school


  1. those pictures are great!! plz show more!!

  2. hello hello! its me valeria the girl who took you the pic at el Centro... I loved your blog... and guess what ?..my grandma lives nearby your home she leaves in miramontes across the wal mart... i leave you my email in case you need anything is mvaleriavera@hotmail.com ..tell me a little more about your studies here in mexico.. as for me ill tell you that i study communication at universidad iberoamericana and I have two blogs one about street style( the one i published you in) and another personal.. thanks for the pic and see around !!!