27 July 2009

Guess What?

This shouldn't even be called Mexico yes anymore...because I'm not in Mexico! But in the USA. I could explain. But that would take all the funa nd mystery out of my long-winded explanations when you see me in person. If you manage to nail this chickadee down.

But inspired by Sarah, here is a list of places, seen.

-Mexico City
-Isla Mujeres
-Playa del Carmen
-San Cristobal de las Casas
-Chiflon Falls

-Flores/Santa Elena
-Santiago de la Laguna
-San Pedro de la Laguna
-San Juan Comalapa

El Salvador
-Playa el Tunco
-La Libertad

-San Pedro Sula

I am slated to go back to Guatemala this semester...getting the elusive and exciting paid internship at an amazing NGO that will afford me the peace of mind to wander around smiling at everything; the feeling you get when EVERY DAY you know you are doing something worthwhile---wow. It is nice. Kind of like when something went really well collective decision-making-wise at CD&C, only times 1000. A constant meditative state, it is special. (so come visit!)

maybe some more photos later, call me b/c my 'rents are in the phonebook.
Love, Mackenzie